This Lady

The Pig & I, The Gentle Barn

I’m a little older than a girl, but I don’t feel quite like a woman, so I prefer to call myself a lady (not to mention the fact that I’m pretty mostly classy).

I like to think that we are all constantly changing.  I was once a personal trainer, but a long stint in Europe and a decision to move to Los Angeles changed that and now I only work on getting my own body the exercise it needs.  I was once a super-single (and an accomplished mingler) furniture saleslady, but my future husband walked into the shop one day and now I admire beautiful furniture with him.  I was once a fromagier (huge cheese dork) until I woke up one day and saw animals for the incredible, sentient beings that they are, realized I couldn’t justify pleasing my palette when it causes so much pain to so many of these beings, and switched from being vegetarian to being vegan and haven’t looked back.  I’ve never been happier in my life.

There are things that never change: My husband is my best friend.  My canine companion, Samantha, understands me better than some humans do.  I have a strong aversion to escalators and things that are not symmetrical, I’m maybe more than slightly obsessed with Arrested Development, wearing boots makes me feel like I kinda kick ass, and I love randomness and the color white.  And I love run-on sentences and also starting sentences with conjunctions.

The Emu & I, The Gentle Barn

The vegan community is so huge (and constantly growing) and I am so thrilled to be making a small contribution in helping to show the world that being vegan is simple, tasty, and rewarding on so many levels.  I am happiest when I am cooking, exploring, traveling, writing, and laughing.  Keepin’ It Kind is my way of chronicling these things and hopefully making the world a kinder place.  I am so flattered that you’ve taken the time to stop by and I hope you will join me in living kindly.

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